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The Pistachio De Bronte

The best pistachio in the world

During our 2018 big 3.5 months foodie trip, we stopped by Sicily as we heard so much about the food and its Italian liveliness. It is said, the further south we go, the more Italian it gets and Sicily is the furthest south there is.

There are many things that a famous from Sicily, it's wine, seafood, pasta and Pistachios! Go to any gelato shop in Italy and you will see that the Pistachio flavour is often labelled Sicilian Pistachio. More specifically, they are all come from the small town at the volcanic foothills of Bronte.
While we associate Pistachio with Italian cuisine sometimes, Pistachio inherently is a Middle Eastern thing. It is widely used in all Arab regions, think Balkava and Knefehs! The Romans brought them to Sicily from the Middle East and the Arabs who occupied Sicily, brought along Pistachio seeds and started planting them and found the conditions at Mount Etna to be excellent for Pistachio trees.
Pistachio out of Bronte only accounts for 1% of worldwide Pistachio and is widely considered the best in the world, some even call it green gold! Grown on volcanic ash of Mount Etna and never irrigated, it produces an intensely flavoured product, a cut above the widely available Californian and Iranian cousins. Due to its low production and high demand, it is also a very expensive product!
But we fell in love with it and we want everyone to have a taste of the best pistachio in the world. All our products are made of Pistachio imported from Bronte so we can share with you the best Pistachio experience, anywhere!