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    Like you, we love Pistachio but good pistachio is hard to come by. During our round the world trip in 2018, we stopped by Sicily, Turkey, and Lebanon, which opened our taste buds to the world of good pistachio. There were so many dishes with Pistachio and we just couldn't get enough of it. #PistachioEverything came to be during the trip.

    Our visit to Sicily brought us to the town of Bronte where we fell completely in love with, arguably, the best pistachio in the world. It was so good that we knew we had to lug back a kilo of it despite only having a 40-litre backpack. We shared with our guests via our Private Dining outfit, The Mixtape Chef, and everyone loved it.


    We still couldn't get enough of it and want to share it with you. This is how Pistachio Everything was born


    Brought to you by Kenneth Yong and Laureen Goh, the husband and wife team of The Mixtape Chef, who are known for their classic, simple good flavours and warm hospitality. We aim to bring you the best pistachio experience anywhere in Singapore!



  • Sicily

    From Mount Etna

    Small Batch production

    Each product is handmade by The Mixtape Chef

    No compromises

    Only highest quality ingredients

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    We open for orders weekly on Mondays for the corresponding weekend.

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